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760-547-5196Camp Pacific: Recreation and Academic Camps Carlsbad, CA U.S.A.

View WebsiteLocated on a beachfront campus in Southern California, Camp Challenge: Leadership Camps and Camp Pacific: Academic and Recreation Camps offer a wide range of dynamic opportunities for students and campers. During the traditional school year, the Army and Navy Academy operates as a college-preparatory boarding school for boys, with an emphasis on college preparatory academics, leadership training, and athletics. During the summer, the campus is transformed into a co-educational environment hosting a unique mix of students, teachers, and camp counselors from all over the world. Students and campers receive instruction that is specialized to their areas of interest. While portions of participants' days are dedicated to educational and skill classes, the remainder is devoted to the pursuit of various leisure and social activities. This schedule format allows time for students and campers to take advantage of new recreational opportunities, build relationships, and acquire new skills.
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510-548-6612Summer Focus at UC Berkeley by Education Unlimited Berkeley, CA U.S.A.

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Education Unlimited is pleased to offer two Summer Focus programs on the campus of UC Berkeley!

Summer Focus - rising 11th-12th grade students

In this 6-week program, entering junior and senior high school students earn college credit, receive an invaluable introduction to college, and enjoy a variety of recreational excursions - all while making new friends and living in a structured, supervised environment. Students take one or more UC Berkeley courses (up to eight units of transferable college credit), and also have access to elective courses through Education Unlimited such as SAT preparation, college-level writing, public speaking, creative writing, and journalism.

Tuition for this program includes: UC Berkeley class fees, room & board on campus, all recreational excursions, on-site tutoring staff and academic support, elective courses, round the clock staff on-site and access to UC Berkeley campus safety resources.

Summer Focus Enrichment - rising 9th - 12th grade students

This program is designed for summer-long enrollment, so students can choose from 2-week, 4-week, or 6-week stays, while constantly experiencing new challenges and possibilities. Education Unlimited brings our record of student safety and academic excellence to provide a student with their first taste of college life while ensuring parents' peace of mind.

Each 2-week session gives students an opportunity to focus on one area of interest that will include programs such as: robotics, writing, public speaking, leadership, college admissions programs, and video production. Their time will be balanced with fun and exciting excursions around the SF Bay Area that may includes visits to local museums, hiking, amusement parks, and more!

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510-548-6612Emerging Writers Institute by Education Unlimited Berkeley, CA U.S.A.

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In addition to the locations above, Emerging Writers Institute is available on the campus of UCLA

Emerging Writers Institute is designed to develop and support students'imaginative writing across literary genres. Students challenge themselves technically and artistically through guided writing workshops, one-on-one instructor evaluations, group editing sessions, and creative presentations of their work. By the program's conclusion, students will produce and refine quality pieces suitable for publication in our camp literary magazine, and even professional teen publications.

What makes this program distinctive?

-Emphasis is on writing as a process, rather than on rules and formulas. Students will discover and refine their own voice!

-Critical reading exercises will enhance student writers' understanding and growth.

-Students will have the opportunity to explore the literary culture of the area.

Emerging Writers Institute is available as both a middle school and high school program. Please visit our website for schedule by location.

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